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How to Write an Academic Paper?

The process of writing quality academic paper is time-consuming and rather prolonged. However, considering the significance of academic papers and scholarly articles, a student is always supposed to give his or her best efforts in the completion of a given task according to the well-established research writing standards. First, we must accept the difference that academic writing is an advanced field of writing dissimilar to whatever you have produced in your school life. Therefore, you have to be well equipped with necessary writing and editing tool, which will help you write an excellent academic paper in the end. Academic paper writing is more than mere articulation of your personal or inner perspectives on a particular issue or research theme. Academic writing does not ask you to fill up the pages unnecessarily as it appears to be to the majority of the university and college students. All you have to pick your favorite topic and write on the same by using recent and updated research materials and scholarly resources as per the standard writing formats (e.g. APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, and Oxford, etc.)

Write a Crisp and Clear-Cut Thesis Statements

An academic paper always starts with a thesis statement outlining the main point of the paper in the very beginning. This happens once a writer feels he has the gist of the paper in a well-summarized form and want to share the same with readers. Your thesis statement should be concrete, well directed and result oriented is presented, this tends to be the main argument of any academic paper. This thesis can be somewhat controversial, but it has to be precise and concise.

Introduction Section

Introductions are exactly what you make it possible to present your argument to your readers convincingly. This not only awakens the knowledge appetite of the readers, but also help them come to the point directly. In contrast, a weak introduction may lead the reader to fall in the middle of an argument. When introducing your research topic and its related details, start with something interesting so that it can draw the attention of your readers instantaneously. Introductions should be general but do not make it generalized.


Though, many students find it difficult to cite their academic papers as per the given writing formats, the main idea behind citation is not that difficult or complicated. If a writer is willing to use those of the ideas and viewpoints made by the others, he or she has to give them a due credit. This is because a research writer or author may express his/her own ideas and opinions, and in the same time, has/she also has a right to benefit from the research works produced by others earlier. This shows that you have done your preliminary research works carefully and now giving full credit to the scholarly sources taken from offline and online mediums.


When you citations throughout the academic paper, you are now supposed to include a well-made references section or bibliography showing the complete details of the materials you have already cited in the text. If it is taken from the online sources, you can show the exact URL in the bibliography section. When creating a bibliography section, never add any reference in the bibliography, which are not used within the text of the academic paper. Give the details only, instead of using quoted texts or things you are not supposed to shown in the bibliography. Some students believe that it is not necessary to cite the idea or explain the origin of the idea in the bibliography, which is primarily taken from any book or scholarly journal. This is not right at all.

Paper Formatting

Yes, proper formatting of your academic paper is essential and mandatory. This is because a well-written academic paper may receive a rejection note from the research committee within a fraction of a second if not formatted correctly. Students have to cite and make bibliography section as per the standard writing formats being followed internationally. Examples of these formats include MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, and Oxford, and many others.


Having completed your academic papers, now you to conclude it correctly. Do not ignore the standard rules when wrapping up your academic paper. Take your time and summarize the paper in this section. Besides presenting a proper conclusion, you may add recommendations and future discussion ideas too. There is nothing mysterious about producing an excellent academic paper. It is a skill that everyone can learn and master in a very brief period.

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