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sociology topics

Hottest Sociology Essay / Paper Topics
  1. Abortion: A heartless murder or a method of birth control?
  2. Adoption and its consequences for an adopted child
  3. Advertising
  4. Affirmative action: More positive or negative effects?
  5. Aging and the Elderly
  6. AIDS / STDs
  7. Alcohol and Drug Abuse   
  8. Animal Experiments vs. Rights
  9. Are brains more important than beauty for success in today’s society?
  10. Are only men to blame for the objectification of women’s bodies?
  11. Are women less privileged in today’s society than men?
  12. Are working women better mothers?
  13. Beauty Pageants for Children 
  14. Breast-Feeding
  15. Can August Comte be viewed as the father of sociology?
  16. Can it be ever acceptable for a man to hit a woman?
  17. Canadian Immigration Policy
  18. Capital Punishment            
  19. Challenges a working women faces in our society
  20. Child Abuse/Parental Abuse/ Spousal Abuse
  21. Comparison between inferiority and superiority complex
  22. Comparison between marriages and live-in?
  23. Comparison between materialistic and a spiritualistic person
  24. Comparison between the children brought up in Filipino and Europe
  25. Critical comparison between sociology and anthropology
  26. Did feminism contribute to the moral destruction of America?
  27. Diffusion of innovation in European culture.
  28. Do these beliefs have an impact on other aspects in society? 
  29. Do we need a universal health care system?
  30. Does a person’s ethnicity or gender affect their chances of receiving a scholarship to college? Why? 
  31. Does religion have an impact on how homosexuals are viewed in society?
  32. Does social class have an impact on a couple getting married? (i.e. a upper-class man marrying a middle class woman)  
  33. Does the phenomenon of intersexuality need more visibility?
  34. Does the TV show ’16 and pregnant’ promote teen pregnancy?
  35. Does the way a child is raised affect how they interact with people of different social classes and ethnicities in American society? Is it seen in other societies?  
  36. Does wealth always make people less ethical?
  37. Dreams and Interpretation
  38. Drinking and Driving        
  39. Eating Disorders               
  40. Euthanasia
  41. Female Genital Circumcision
  42. Feminism / Salem witch hunt
  43. Fundamentalism
  44. Gambling 
  45. Gang Violence                 
  46. Gender stereotypes in a relationship: Is it ok for a boy to cry?
  47. Has the choice of being able to have an abortion affected a woman’s view on sex?  
  48. Has the fast food industry changed what people view as healthy food in American society? Why?
  49. Has the relationship between mother and child changed with women working outside of the home instead of women staying home and taking care of the housework and children? 
  50. Has this war affected young couples decision on marriage and pregnancy? 
  51. Hobbes’ concept ‘war of all against all’ in the public transport during rush hours.
  52. Homeless/ Runaways           
  53. Homosexuality
  54. Homosexuality crucial warning to our society
  55. How Animals Help us (dogs with autistic kids, the blind, etc)               
  56. How cross cultural media transformation destroys the culture of a particular society?
  57. How do other factors affect why a couple gets married? (i.e. pregnancy or career status ) Are these factors different in other societies? 
  58. How do the toys that a child plays with affect the choices they make and how they act in their everyday lives? 
  59. How does being homosexual affect a person getting a job in American society compared to other societies?  
  60. How does being raised by a homosexual couple change the way a child treats others compared to a child raised by a heterosexual couple? 
  61. How does the social decline affect morality?
  62. How does the way that women are portrayed on television affect the way women are seen in society?  
  63. How does divorce effects on the minds of the children
  64. How has this affected the adoption of children in the foster care system in America? 
  65. Humour  (benefits)         
  66. Imagine your kid/brother/friend turned out to be gay/lesbian. Would you fight for his/her rights?
  67. Immigration                
  68. In American society, how does social class have a role in what type of school a person goes to? How does this compare to other societies?  
  69. In spite of such an advanced means of communication people are increasingly going for solitude.
  70. In what way has media’s view on the ‘perfect body image’ changed how women in America see themselves compared to women in other societies?   How has the way celebrities act and dress changed the way children and teenagers live their lives? 
  71. Increasing materialism increases the depression in a society
  72. Internet and its implications on a society.
  73. Is ‘altruism’ still a traditional virtue in modern American culture?
  74. Is counterrevolution an obligatory response to any revolution?
  75. Is sincere love and care for children more important than the type of family (single parent or gay couple)?
  76. Is Spencer’s principle of ‘survival of the fittest’ a good description for the college admission process?
  77. Is technological progress always bad for people’s health?
  78. Is this different in societies other than ours?  
  79. Life in rural areas and life in a metropolitan city
  80. Living a life as an eternal bachelor
  81. Living whole life in a prison
  82. Lying/ Reading Body Language
  83. Male/Female differences
  84. Manners and Etiquette   
  85. Medicare- How it Works
  86. Merits and demerits of media for a society?
  87. Military Life                 
  88. Modern Plagues              
  89. Monogamy vs Polygamy
  90. One historical event that has influenced your life?
  91. One visit to a supermarket: The effects of consumer culture on your choices.
  92. Origin of sociology as a science
  93. Personality Disorders
  94. Pornography              
  95. Poverty in Canada and the Unemployed 
  96. Runaways
  97. Sexual Assault               
  98. Shoplifting         
  99. Should kids be able to change their names if they want to?
  100. Should people wait till the age of 21 to get married?
  101. Smoking
  102. So, with any of these wonderful Sociology essay topics, exciting writing is guaranteed.
  103. Socialization and assimilation when a person starts college.
  104. Starving Children
  105. Steroid abuse               
  106. Stress (effects on body and mind)
  107. Teen Pregnancy  
  108. Teen Sex
  109. Teenage Suicide               
  110. The culture of poverty: Are the citizens of poor countries responsible for their own poverty?
  111. The Environment
  112. The pros and cons of mainstream schools.
  113. The Role of the Media, who Controls it?
  114. The Workplace and Hierarchies
  115. Top 3 misconceptions kids get from TV ads.
  116. Underpaid Labor (women seamstresses)
  117. Understanding the Media / Censorship       
  118. Views about organ transplantation in our society
  119. Virtual reality: Escapism has never been easier.
  120. What are the causes of increasing street crimes in our society?
  121. What does mean to be a single parent in a conservative society?
  122. What is and should the role of politicians in socializing through campaigning?
  123. What is the role of mass media in shaping public opinion?
  124. Who is to blame for today’s insane beauty standards?
  125. Why does a person’s parent’s beliefs affect what religion they follow?
  126. Why has adopting children from other countries become so popular in American society?
  127. Women empowerment in a conservative society
  128. Young Offenders Act/Prison-Life      
  129. Youth addiction to alcohol Causes and concerns
  130. ow has fast food affected the ‘family connection’ created by eating a meal together and discussing a family’s daily occurrences? 
  131. How has the events that happened on September 11th, 2001 affected an American’s choice to find another form of transportation rather than flying on an airplane? 
  132. “Americans may have no identity, but they do have wonderful teeth.” (Jean Baudrillard)
  133. “Families are nothing more than idolatry of duty.” (Ann Oakley)
  134. “If advertizing is not an official or state art, it is nonetheless clearly art.” (Michael Schudson)
  135. “It is not true that good can follow only from good and evil only from evil.” (Max Weber)
  136. “Man’s nature, originally good and common to all, should develop unhampered.” (Georg Simmel)
  137. “Neither the life of an individual nor the history of a society can be understood without understanding both.” (C. Wright Mills)
  138. “Our individual lives cannot, generally, be works of art unless the social order is also.” (Charles Horton Cooley)
  139. “The cost of liberty is less than the price of repression.” (W.E.B. Du Bois)
  140. “There is no truth without responsibility following in its wake.” (Franklin Frazier) is a professional writing firm providing al-inclusive research writing solutions to students worldwide.

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