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10 Steps to Writing an Essay

In a period when the majority of students considers academic essays as a constant nuisance and headache, it becomes a daunting task to facilitate these overburdened young scholars and learners, studying at any school, college or university. These academic essays, term papers, research papers, and the rest of the writing assignments are not easy to produce, and they are typically on topics that do not capture to interest in a reader or writer. They are simply writing exercises that must be completed for mandatory academic growth and development. Your ability to write is highly prized in educational institutions while it is entirely disregarded in many other fields. In the following, we share some basic essay writing steps with you, which will help you, write your academic essays fluently and efficiently.

  • Step 1: Initiate the essay-writing course by doing research on a given subject, and make yourself a knowledgeable and adept person at first. Use the web, the educational catalogues, and the public library. Note down critical points and aspects and be engrossed in the words produced by the leading essayists and intellectuals.
  • Step 2: If you want to learn how to write academic essays, you need to get to assess the words written by leading writers and themes. Assuming that you have a decent knowledge base at your disposal, begin examining the point of views of the papers you are studying. Plainly describe the statements, jot down the details, observations and proofs. Try to find flaws in judgment and high points.
  • Step 3: Your essay will necessitate understanding of your own. Ask yourself many queries and solve them accordingly. Ruminate with a pen in your hand. Take a walk, think and meditate until you come up with original insights to write about.
  • Step 4: Write a thesis statement in your essay describing the gist of the article you are going to write in your body paragraphs.
  • Step 5: Outline your essay before writing it down. This helps the reader know the primary objective of essay writing and composition.
  • Step 6: it is the time to formally start writing your essay with the help of a well presented introduce or opening section. It must be written, in a way that readers start taking interest straightaway.
  • Step 7: When writing body paragraphs, each and every section must present an idea supporting your main thesis statement effectively. Start each paragraph with a topic sentence written in the first line.
  • Step 8: When concluding your essay, try to summarize the main points it has discussed in the previous paragraph. Give a convincing end to your piece and make some interesting points in the end that justify the need for the essay written.
  • Step 9: When formatting your essay, do the same in accordance with standard writing formats followed all over the world. The most common formatting styles include APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard and Oxford, etc.
  • Step 10: When done, review your essay again and remove any spelling or sentence error spotted.
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