Environmental Pollution, its Causes, Effect and Solutions

Environmental Pollution, its Causes, Effect and Solutions

Environmental pollution is a name given to the contamination of the air, land, and water. In fact it includes the contamination of all the resources of the Earth. Our environment is made up of different elements that help us to live. Living things suffer because of environmental pollution and it makes their life very difficult. They cannot cope up with this issue at the level it is growing at. Environmental pollution can become the number one reason of the destruction of this Earth and life as we know it. We need to think of ways to counter it before it makes it turns into something impossible.

Causes of Environmental Pollution

Pollution is increased because of all the gases and chemicals that are released in the air, land or water. The industries that help us to produce goods and products that we need in our everyday life are the ones that ultimately add most to pollution. The chemicals disposed of from these industries go into the air and destroy the atmosphere. Hence the air that we breathe is contaminated. The vehicles on our roads are also a major contributor to air pollution. Greenhouse gases are added to the environment because of this. The increase in the use of private vehicles is also adding to this issue. The power plants use fossil fuels which when burned emit gases such as Carbon monoxide and carbon di oxide. These gases cause damage to the lungs and to the heart. Cutting down trees has also added to pollution and is a major cause of this growing issue. The ozone layer around the Earth has become depleted because of the pollution and this has added to the increased temperature on Earth. Because of the increase in temperature, animals and humans suffer and our bodies are getting damaged day by day. The nuclear industries are also adding to environmental pollution by leaking radiation into the Earth’s atmosphere. Perhaps the highest cause of pollution is us, humans. We are not stopping ourselves from spreading pollution but are adding to the calamities that are resulting because of this.

Effects of Environmental Pollution

The effects of pollution include an increase in the temperature around the globe. The climate suffers the most as it is directly related to the atmosphere, the ozone layer, and the air around us. In different areas in the world, the temperature is affected in different ways. In the arctic, the temperatures are dropping quickly but the summers are getting warmer. The long winter nights are coming to an end while below the equator the summers have become unbearable. Another major effect of pollution is the increase in pollen. Many people around the world are allergic to pollen and get very sick because of it. Because it has increased so much in the past several years, it has become a real problem. Many new diseases have also emerged as a result of environmental pollution. And the worst part is that there is no cure for them right now. Doctors are investigating this issue but every experiment has been a fail. Cancer has also widely spread as a result of this pollution. Even kids are getting skin cancer. The effects of pollution are very harmful and any sane person can notice them. The issue further intensifies when we cannot find a solution to the problem. Pollution and its effects should be studied in more detail to get the real answers.

Solutions of Environmental Pollution

Before we move on to discuss the solutions, we need to identify that pollution is a real and growing problem. Only when we understand it, can we look for appropriate solutions. The first solution is to do something about the vehicles and the public transport used all over the world. Vehicles need to be converted into electric ones which do not emit gases and chemicals when they are used. The public transport in many areas is very bad and the condition of the buses etc. is making the pollution problem worse. New technology should be installed in these so that the end result is not as damaging. Laws should be passed which limit the use of private vehicles and encourages the use of cycles and public transport. Using solar power is the second solution to counter the environmental pollution problem. Solar power has no consequences and does not add to the pollution. It is a renewable form of energy that can be used all over the world. Countries which have experimented with this technology should help other countries to use it effectively. Many of the industrial issues can be solved if they install solar panels. We can use the sun’s rays for our benefit if we think and work smartly. Wind energy is also a good replacement. It is also renewable and is as good at producing power as any other resource. Perhaps the best solution to the problem of pollution will come when we all come together and unite against it. We can never find peace again until we know we are all willing to help each other. Countries which do not have the resources to defend themselves must be looked at by the rich ones.

Pollution is a problem that was not recognized long ago. Now that it is, we need to answer the difficult questions and we need to understand that if we do nothing about it, we will suffer. The human race will not be able to survive on its own. Environmental pollution is our greatest enemy at the moment and it will only get worse with time. We have recognized the causes, effects and the solutions. Now we must implement them in our everyday life and reach a desirable conclusion.


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Pollution Problem
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Causes, Effects and Solutions of Environmental Pollution
Environmental Pollution

Seven Type of Environmental Pollution

Seven Type of Environmental Pollution

Pollution is a problem that has gained a lot of attention from the public since the past few years. It has grown and become an issue that needs to be solved now rather than later to make sure we leave a world that our future generation can live in. The health problems which are caused by pollution are very dangerous and need to be addressed. Before all this however, you need to understand the seven types of environmental pollution that are threatening the living things.

Air Pollution

Air pollution is the release of greenhouse gases and other chemicals into the air. It is very harmful for all living things because we breathe in this air all the time. Air pollution is the leading cause of asthma and lung diseases and kids suffer from them. Air pollution is caused by the smoke of factories and industries and the gases emitted from vehicles. Industrial smoke is the biggest contributor of this type of pollution.

Land Pollution

Land pollution is caused when the Earth’s surface is littered with rubbish and other waste materials. People do not dispose of their house waste properly and industries just dump the waste materials everywhere. These both things are the biggest contributors to land pollution making it very difficult for the living things to survive and to live on land. Land pollution causes immeasurable harm to the wildlife as well. Deforestation is also a major part of land pollution and is one of the leading causes of floods and other such natural disasters.

Light Pollution

Light pollution is not a very popular form of pollution. It is caused by the street lights and the light emitted from our homes at night. Light pollution makes the night sky brighter and hence we cannot look at the stars clearly. This is making the natural wonders of the world look ordinary which is destroying the beauty of our world. Light pollution should be controlled by installing proper bulbs in the street and making use of electricity only when there is need for it.

Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is caused by the loud sounds in our environment. Noise pollution is not taken very seriously and that is why it is such a growing concern. People do not realize the importance of a peaceful society. Noise pollution is caused by the heavy machinery used in construction and also by the car horns. Noise pollution damages the hearing of humans and animals and also causes much worse problems in the brain. It is a very serious problem that must be addressed immediately so it can be controlled.

Thermal Pollution

Thermal pollution is a form of environmental pollution where the temperature of the Earth is increased and this causes problems for all the living things. Thermal pollution is caused by dumping hot water in cool lakes. This damages the lakes and then the water cannot be cooled down. Use of chemicals in construction also causes the increase of temperature in nearby areas. Thermal pollution is very dangerous for humans who live in such areas. It can cause severe skin problems.

Visual Pollution

Visual pollution is a very highly subjective topic because it includes unpleasant things which we can see. What might be unpleasant for one person might not be bad for another person. However some of the common things which add to visual pollution are the rubbish on the sidewalks thrown by people. Graffiti done on trees and other natural things is also a major cause of visual pollution. Nature needs to be preserved and not to be destroyed by us.

Water Pollution

Water pollution is the contamination of any water body. This includes the bodies that we use for getting drinking water and also the ones which we use for other purposes. Water is the one thing that all living things need. It is necessary for survival and this is why water pollution is both dangerous and a very scary issue. It needs to be addressed immediately so that a solution can be reached to counter it. Water pollution is caused by industrial and residential waste which is not disposed of properly.

These seven types of pollution are all dangerous and they all affect us equally. We need to put our differences aside and we need to address this issue of environmental pollution. Environmental pollution might turn into the leading cause of death and destruction of our beautiful Earth. If we do not do something about it now, it might be too late.



Presentation on Pollution:

Pollution Problem
Types of Pollution
Effect of Pollution
Causes, Effects and Solutions of Environmental Pollution
Environmental Pollution

Environmental Pollution

Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution refers to all aspects of pollution that affect the environment. The environment includes the air we breathe, the land where we live in, the water we drink and even the living and non-living things we interact with. Environmental pollution is making it very difficult for humans to live in peace and lead healthy lives. Proper measures need to be taken to control this issue so that the future generations have a chance of living a good, healthy life. Many people have started to recognize this issue but still, more work needs to be done to counter the effects of environmental pollution.

Different types of pollution

The three major types of pollution that come under environmental pollution are water pollution, air pollution and land pollution. Water pollution is the pollution done in the water bodies. This mostly includes the water that we use for drinking. Drinking water is getting scarce day by day as the increase in chemicals in the water is making it poisonous. The solution to counter the effects of the chemicals are not explored in much detail which is why people are suffering from cholera, and other such diseases which are killing them. Air pollution is a widely spreading form of pollution that is perhaps the most difficult to evade. Air is everywhere and if there is pollution in one area, it is most likely to spread quickly to another because of the air movements. We all need to breathe and this makes it very difficult to stop ourselves from being exposed to air pollution. Air pollution is also the leading cause of skin and lung diseases including cancer. Treatments of such diseases have not been found yet making it a huge concern for the future of the human race. Land pollution is something that can be controlled and stopped if all the people unite against it. Land pollution occurs when the rubbish and litter etc. are disposed of in green areas and are just kept there. These waste materials do not decompose on their own and have to be treated properly. Over the years, people have added to this type of pollution by ignoring recycling laws and turning every piece of land into a waste dump. Special precautions should be taken against this type of pollution because it will affect the living conditions of both humans and animals. This waste material can cause harm to the health of kids who play in such areas.

Causes of Pollution

The sources of environmental pollution can be divided into various parts. Industrial activities take a lead in adding to the pollution problem. The smoke, chemicals and industrial gases that come out of these huge factories affect the environment in every harmful way. The waste is thrown on land or seeped into water bodies. For the industries, this is a way of disposing off the waste but in reality this is just getting rid of the waste and not treating it properly. Another source of environmental pollution is the solid waste that comes out of our houses and the industries. Solid waste is also not disposed of properly. People think that just throwing this waste around their neighborhood is just alright but in reality it is not. Vehicles are also releasing a lot of gases which are called greenhouse gases. These gases go in the air and destroy the ozone layer which is an important part of our atmosphere. Combustion of fossil fuels for keeping our houses warm and for working in industries is also very harmful for the environment. Fossil fuels are the worst type of fuel and should be banned from use.

Impact of pollution

Pollution has affected the health and the lives of humans, animals, and plants in the worst way possible. The advances we have made in the field of science and technology have been for nothing because they have led to the increase in pollution. The water we drink is mostly contaminated and this is the same water used in agriculture to grow vegetables. Hence the food we are eating is also not good for our health. The rapid increase in the diseases and illnesses in kids, youngsters and adults is all because of pollution.

If we truly want to stop environmental pollution from increasing and from making our world even worse than how it is right now, we all must work together and look for simple solutions. This is not a task to be left for the higher authorities. We must become the change.

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Pollution Problem
Types of Pollution
Effect of Pollution
Causes, Effects and Solutions of Environmental Pollution
Environmental Pollution

Causes and Effects of Pollution

Causes and Effects of Pollution

Pollution is a very dangerous phenomenon attacking our world. We all need to understand its effects and its causes in order to learn more about it. The individuals of every society must understand that this issue does concern them too. It is not an issue that the higher authorities can address and can solve. We all have to come together for this. To further understand why this issue is so important, we should look at the changing weather. This is only one main consequence of pollution.

Causes of pollution

Pollution is caused by many different things which is why we have the option of controlling it as well because many of these things are done by us in our everyday life. First of all, the daily rubbish and litter that we throw out in the green areas around our house are adding to the pollution problem. This litter includes plastic, paper, metal, and other elements which do not get dissolved in the Earth. They get buried deeper and deeper into the Earth and eventually start releasing dangerous gases. The gases damage the soil and the nutrients and the vegetation becomes unusable.
Another cause of pollution is the industrial waste. In the past hundred years, there has been a rapid increase in the industries. Not in one country, but all over the world people are investing more in factories and industries because of the increase in the need of the people. The greenhouses gases released from the factories are very bad for the environment as they go in the air and destroy the atmosphere. Breathing this filthy air is harmful for all living things. Industrial waste also includes the dirty water which is full of chemicals. This water is not disposed of properly and is leaked into the drinking water bodies. Hence the water pollution problem is getting worse day by day as well.
Pollution is also caused by making noise. It might not seem like a very major problem but noise pollution is very dangerous as well. The worst part is that we do not even notice if we are adding to noise pollution because we are so used to it now. Air pollution is caused by transportation as well. The use of vehicles has increased and all these vehicles emit Carbon mono oxide which causes breathing problems. These vehicles also emit gases which are destroying the ozone layer. The ozone layer is the protective layer around the Earth which stops the sun’s harmful rays from entering our atmosphere. In the past, this layer has been damaged a lot and if nothing is done to reverse this damage, humans will soon face extinction.

Effects of Pollution in Human Life

The human life has suffered greatly because of pollution. Kids and babies are getting diseases which did not even exist before. These include asthma, cholera and other illnesses which may even cause death. In elders, skin problems are on the rise because we are constantly exposed to an environment where nothing is clean and fresh. The air is filthy and even the food we eat is contaminated. All of this goes into our body and the results are that we get sick and have to take medicines for everything. In countries where pollution is at the highest level, people do not have clean drinking water. They suffer every day because they have to travel thousands of miles just to get one bucket of drinking water. The climate change is effecting human life too because no one is prepared for the winters that may come or the storms that it brings with it.

Effects of Pollution on Animals and Plants

Animals and plants suffer as much as humans do when we talk about pollution. Plants are damaged because of the contaminated soil and water and they do not have the ability to bear fruits anymore. The flowers all die and the greenery is being killed because of pollution. Similarly, animals do not find clean drinking water and eventually the chemicals take over their body and they die. Bees are facing extinction because of pollution and pollination has become difficult and difficult. If any one species of animals is wiped clean from the Earth, we all will suffer greatly.

It is high time we start acting responsible and start doing something about this issue faced by our generation. If we cannot come up with manageable solutions, we all will suffer even more than what we are going through right now.

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Pollution Problem
Types of Pollution
Effect of Pollution
Causes, Effects and Solutions of Environmental Pollution
Environmental Pollution

Essay on Pollution Problem


Pollution is a growing problem not just in one society, but all over the world. It has started affecting individual’s health and putting them at a greater risk of catching diseases which are not easily curable. We could have done so much to control this pollution problem before it became such a big threat to our Earth but alas we did not and today we suffer. However, it is still not too late to stop the spread of pollution and to educate people so that they become more aware. People need to understand that this issue cannot be taken lightly.

Toxic emissions due to the work of factories, transportation, construction sites pollute the environment substantially.

With the increase in population and the advent of industrialization, there has been a rapid increase in factories which produce the goods and products we need to survive. These factories emit smoke and huge amount of greenhouse gases which destroy the atmosphere. Similarly, transportation has greatly added to this issue as well because vehicles emit carbon monoxide which is the worst pollutant. It increases the risk of heart attack in individuals and destroys any natural vegetation. The construction sites which make use of heavy machinery are another cause of polluting the environment substantially and making it difficult to breathe.

Pollution problems including the global warming effect, natural resources extinction, health problems of people and animals, the destruction of natural ecosystems.

While pollution in itself is one big problem, there are many other problems which are caused because of this. We often look at the big picture only and ignore the little things that are damaging the everyday life of human, animals, and plants.

Global Warming EssayGlobal warming is the first and foremost issue that has been caused because of pollution. Who knew that when you painted your room, you actually added to the destruction of the ozone layer, which in turn is making our world too hot to live in? The rays of the sun entering the Earth’s atmosphere cause cancer and other such deadly viruses.

Another problem is the natural resources extinction. We have used up all our natural resources in trying to fuel the fires that burn in our factories and using up the natural gas which keeps our homes warm, that we now have nothing left. This has destroyed the natural ecosystems and made everything unbalanced.

The health problems of people and animals are such that cannot be explained in just a few lines. The diseases that we had not even heard of are now killing us because of pollution. It has been researched that pollution kills 60% more people than malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis combined. This figure shows how much greater the pollution problem is than what we first anticipated.

Five (5) Causes of Pollution

  1. Industrial and Technological Development:
    The industrial process is a vast process that needs to be understood properly. It is not just one component of this process that is adding to the pollution problem. The whole process is damaging the Earth and the beings that live in it. The technological developments have changed the lives of the people, which is true. But they have also harmed us in many other ways which we do not think about. The use of fast machines has damaged the environment.
  2. Transportation:
    The engines used in vehicles are machines which emit the worst form of greenhouses gases and other deadly chemicals which are damaging the environment. With time, people have recognized that walking, or using cycles is a much better alternative to using vehicles to travel. Keeping your engine clean and making sure it does not emit black soot, is another way of controlling pollution.
  3. Agricultural Activities:
    Agricultural activities have been happening for hundreds of years. The generations before us all farmed the land to grow food which they could use later. Hence we cannot stop agriculture. However, over time, the studies have shown that the new agricultural activities are adding to the pollution problem.The new machines used to farm the land are not environmental friendly.The pesticides used to increase the yield of the products are killing the soil and all its nutrients. Water is polluted by these pesticides and the fertilizers used in agriculture contain chemicals which dissolve in water. When this water is consumed by the people and the animals, they get sick. There needs to be a proper system which can save drinking water and the soil from the harm of these chemicals. Nothing is more important than the health of our future generation.
  4. Trading Activities:
    The goods we trade with other countries, need to be checked very carefully too. How we trade these goods and products is a whole different topic that must be studied in detail in order to find out why trading activities is adding to the problem of pollution. Trading laws must be redefined and the countries who are leading trades, need to keep a check on the policies.
  5. Residences of People:
    Perhaps the leading cause of pollution is us, the people who inhabit Earth. Our residencies emit the most greenhouse gases and our houses, when being built, are the leading cause of destruction of the environment. The food we cook and the amount of fuel we burn should be noted because every year we should reflect on this. While house construction, use the products which are environmental friendly and which do not harm the air.

Does air pollution is one of the contributors to the global warming?

Air pollution is a leading cause of global warming because both the things are interlinked. When the gases go to the air, they are further carried to the atmosphere and they damage the ozone layer. The damaged ozone layer cannot protect us from the hot rays of the sun leading to global warming.

The identification of the causes of pollution will help us to find solutions to counter this problem. It is high time we start taking this issue seriously and we start doing something for our planet. Governments and the people, all must unite to take a stand against pollution and help each other to solve this issue. If we do not do anything now, we will go extinct in less than a hundred years.

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Pollution Problem
Types of Pollution
Effect of Pollution
Causes, Effects and Solutions of Environmental Pollution
Environmental Pollution

Types of Pollution – Sample Essay

What is Pollution? & Its Types

Pollution is a term used to describe the poisonous or harmful substances that enter the environment and cause damage to the environment and the living things that live in the environment. Pollution is a serious concern which has been affecting the lives of people all over the world. It is a gradual process which is why many people did not understand the consequences of pollution. We first need to understand the type of pollution and problem before moving on to finding the solutions. The causes of pollution are explained below in detail.

Causes of Air Pollution

industrial air pollutionAir pollution is the pollution caused in the air which makes it difficult to breathe. Air pollution is the fastest growing pollution because of the factories and the transportation. The harmful gases released from these places and products, go in the air and mix with oxygen. These gases are very difficult to neutralize in the air so once they are released, there is not much you can do. They need to be controlled before they enter the atmosphere. When these gases go further up, they destroy the ozone layer. The ozone layer is a protective layer which blocks the harmful rays of the sun. There is a big hole in the ozone layer now because of pollution.

Causes of Noise Pollution

Noise is also a form of pollution which disrupts the balance of human and animal life. Noise pollution damages the hearing process of people. This type of pollution is not given much importance because it is very common in our everyday lives. A cars honk, a machines drilling, and loud arguments which result in shouting, are all forms of noise pollution. If we succeed in controlling noise pollution, we can improve our lives and make it easier for us to live peacefully.

Health Issues of Air Pollution

Health problems of air pollution include breathing difficulties and increase in Asthma in kids. Many kids suffer because of these issues now and it is very difficult for them to lead a normal life. They cannot play or run around and are forced to sit all day long. This eventually leads to obesity. Air pollution has also caused a lot of skin damages to people. The contact with polluted air causes your skin to become dry and the pores to remain dirty all the time. There has been an increase in skin cancer over the past several decades because air pollution has increased so much.

Water Pollution

chemical wastage from industriesWater pollution is another form of pollution that is caused when water is contaminated with substances and chemicals that dissolve in it and hence cannot be separated. Water pollution is a very dangerous form of pollution because clean drinking water is absolutely necessary for life. There is no way we can survive without water. When drinking water becomes polluted, we are actually just drinking a form of poison because it becomes very dangerous for our health. Industrial sectors have caused a major increase in this pollution. They have no proper means of disposing off this waste and just let the waste chemicals go into the soil and water. Residential waste is also a major factor which has led to the increase of water pollution. A proper sewage system is needed to control water pollution and prevent it from causing further damage.

Health Problems of Water Pollution

home and domestic garbagesThere are many health problems which are caused because of water pollution. The leading diseases are Cholera and Typhoid. In areas where there is no clean water, people are forced to drink polluted water. They get sick immediately and very rarely, do they ever feel fine. They have to take medicines throughout their life. Typhoid is also a major cause of deaths in countries where there are no medical advances to counter water borne diseases. Domestic sewage is also very dangerous for health and causes problems. Domestic sewage should be disposed of properly and it should be contained in a place. Increase in domestic sewage and there being no proper way to dispose it off, has caused the lives of hundreds of people to be destroyed.

Understanding the main factors and causes of pollution is essential in order to tackle this problem. Individuals who do not take this matter seriously, are destroying the world not only for themselves but for others who live in it. We need to come up with better solutions that solve this issue now rather than later. It is still not too late to save our future generations from obvious destruction.

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Pollution Problem
Types of Pollution
Effect of Pollution
Causes, Effects and Solutions of Environmental Pollution
Environmental Pollution

Sociology as Subject

What is Sociology? And Why We Should Study Sociology as Subject

Sociology is a much-loved subject of the students. Whether you are in high school or starting your journey and entering into the world of college and university, you will realize many students like you hold a passion for sociology. Sociology tells you about so much. The world and how we came to identify ourselves as part of one society and one nation. These are all major things if you want to make your community a better one. Sociology dates far back to the time when education had just started being spread to the parts of the world. Since this period many things influenced us as human beings. Our parents, schools, religion, country and friends are some of the most prominent ones.

Sociology is a subject in which there are a lot of assignments and papers that you have to do. In fact, most of your grades are dependent on these assignments. You need to show your skill and knowledge in these assignments to gain the best grades. Some lectures will be given to you in class but it your duty to understand these lectures and present them while providing your point of view. Sociology is not just about learning facts. It is about analyzing and discussing the things that matter the most. As you get older, you realize that the tasks given to you get more complicated and you have to do extensive research to write and complete them.

Helping Tip Before Start Writing Sociology Paper

There are some valuable tips and tricks you should keep in mind before starting your sociology paper. The first is to find out what the topic is. In sociology, there are many things you can write on. Many issues can be given to you, and you have to write each of them in a unique and exciting manner. After you’re done selecting a topic, you need to move on to defining that issue. Explain what it is about. This is not only for the reader but will do you good too because you will know that your essay will comprise on. This will be your main story. The second step you move on to is researching. In Sociology, you cannot explain anything without adding proof to it. This is why you need to do a lot of the investigation so that you have a proof of everything with you. You have to add evidence with everything. This will make your paper better.

The Best Sociology Paper Writing Service

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Things to focus while Writing Paper

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Final Words

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Academic Paper Assignment Sucks

Why Academic Paper Writing Sucks?

Think back to the last academic paper you had to write and chances are you can’t help cowering on your knees. Is there anything more painful than academic writing? Imagine this scenario: You were assigned to write a 3-7 page essay on technology. No worries. You brainstorm potential thesis statements. Easy enough. Then you sit down to sketch an outline. I can do this, you lie to yourself. Somewhere along the process of “planning,” you can’t resist the urge to get up and look out the window and walk downstairs and wolf down those Oreo cookies sitting provocatively on your table. Still don’t know what this is? It’s the writing process. Or, it’s what I’m prone to do before buckling down to tackle that Satan-spawned academic paper.

Do not Hate Academic Writing

This is how it goes: You make an ungodly effort to write the mind-numbing essay on technology, but words refuse to pour out. You bang your head against the desk and question the Creator’s mysterious ways, “Why are you forcing me to build a relationship with the essay?” And just when this slightly hysterical sideshow has sapped you of motivation,  you feel insecurity creeping in. Great. Just marvelous. I love essays. No, scratch that. I would love to write essays if they weren’t so denuded of creativity. Because what is writing, if not creative? Teachers love to worship the Schaffer paragraph. If I close my eyes, I can see it standing on a pedestal, neat rows of white candles line its marble bust, casting shadows over everything, while an army of pedagogues kneel before it, chanting gibberish. A hellish scene.

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Read Again & Again Before Submit Paper

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Concisely we must write.

Writing Academic Papers – An Easy Guide

How To Write An Academic Paper?

The process of writing quality academic paper is time-consuming and rather prolonged. However, considering the significance of academic papers and scholarly articles, a student is always supposed to give his or her best efforts in the completion of a given task according to the well-established research writing standards. First, we must accept the difference that academic writing is an advanced field of writing dissimilar to whatever you have produced in your school life. Therefore, you have to be well equipped with necessary writing and editing tool, which will help you write an excellent academic paper in the end. Academic paper writing is more than mere articulation of your personal or inner perspectives on a particular issue or research theme. Academic writing does not ask you to fill up the pages unnecessarily as it appears to be to the majority of the university and college students. All you have to pick your favorite topic and write on the same by using recent and updated research materials and scholarly resources as per the standard writing formats (e.g. APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, and Oxford, etc.)

Write A Crisp And Clear-Cut Thesis Statements

An academic paper always starts with a thesis statement outlining the main point of the paper in the very beginning. This happens once a writer feels he has the gist of the paper in a well-summarized form and want to share the same with readers. Your thesis statement should be concrete, well directed and result oriented is presented, this tends to be the main argument of any academic paper. This thesis can be somewhat controversial, but it has to be precise and concise.

Introduction Section

Introductions are exactly what you make it possible to present your argument to your readers convincingly. This not only awakens the knowledge appetite of the readers, but also help them come to the point directly. In contrast, a weak introduction may lead the reader to fall in the middle of an argument. When introducing your research topic and its related details, start with something interesting so that it can draw the attention of your readers instantaneously. Introductions should be general but do not make it generalized.


Though, many students find it difficult to cite their academic papers as per the given writing formats, the main idea behind citation is not that difficult or complicated. If a writer is willing to use those of the ideas and viewpoints made by the others, he or she has to give them a due credit. This is because a research writer or author may express his/her own ideas and opinions, and in the same time, has/she also has a right to benefit from the research works produced by others earlier. This shows that you have done your preliminary research works carefully and now giving full credit to the scholarly sources taken from offline and online mediums.


When you citations throughout the academic paper, you are now supposed to include a well-made references section or bibliography showing the complete details of the materials you have already cited in the text. If it is taken from the online sources, you can show the exact URL in the bibliography section. When creating a bibliography section, never add any reference in the bibliography, which are not used within the text of the academic paper. Give the details only, instead of using quoted texts or things you are not supposed to shown in the bibliography. Some students believe that it is not necessary to cite the idea or explain the origin of the idea in the bibliography, which is primarily taken from any book or scholarly journal. This is not right at all.

Paper Formatting

Yes, proper formatting of your academic paper is essential and mandatory. This is because a well-written academic paper may receive a rejection note from the research committee within a fraction of a second if not formatted correctly. Students have to cite and make bibliography section as per the standard writing formats being followed internationally. Examples of these formats include MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, and Oxford, and many others.


Having completed your academic papers, now you to conclude it correctly. Do not ignore the standard rules when wrapping up your academic paper. Take your time and summarize the paper in this section. Besides presenting a proper conclusion, you may add recommendations and future discussion ideas too. There is nothing mysterious about producing an excellent academic paper. It is a skill that everyone can learn and master in a very brief period.