Causes and Effects of Pollution

Causes and Effects of Pollution

Pollution is a very dangerous phenomenon attacking our world. We all need to understand its effects and its causes in order to learn more about it. The individuals of every society must understand that this issue does concern them too. It is not an issue that the higher authorities can address and can solve. We all have to come together for this. To further understand why this issue is so important, we should look at the changing weather. This is only one main consequence of pollution.

Causes of pollution

Pollution is caused by many different things which is why we have the option of controlling it as well because many of these things are done by us in our everyday life. First of all, the daily rubbish and litter that we throw out in the green areas around our house are adding to the pollution problem. This litter includes plastic, paper, metal, and other elements which do not get dissolved in the Earth. They get buried deeper and deeper into the Earth and eventually start releasing dangerous gases. The gases damage the soil and the nutrients and the vegetation becomes unusable.
Another cause of pollution is the industrial waste. In the past hundred years, there has been a rapid increase in the industries. Not in one country, but all over the world people are investing more in factories and industries because of the increase in the need of the people. The greenhouses gases released from the factories are very bad for the environment as they go in the air and destroy the atmosphere. Breathing this filthy air is harmful for all living things. Industrial waste also includes the dirty water which is full of chemicals. This water is not disposed of properly and is leaked into the drinking water bodies. Hence the water pollution problem is getting worse day by day as well.
Pollution is also caused by making noise. It might not seem like a very major problem but noise pollution is very dangerous as well. The worst part is that we do not even notice if we are adding to noise pollution because we are so used to it now. Air pollution is caused by transportation as well. The use of vehicles has increased and all these vehicles emit Carbon mono oxide which causes breathing problems. These vehicles also emit gases which are destroying the ozone layer. The ozone layer is the protective layer around the Earth which stops the sun’s harmful rays from entering our atmosphere. In the past, this layer has been damaged a lot and if nothing is done to reverse this damage, humans will soon face extinction.

Effects of Pollution in Human Life

The human life has suffered greatly because of pollution. Kids and babies are getting diseases which did not even exist before. These include asthma, cholera and other illnesses which may even cause death. In elders, skin problems are on the rise because we are constantly exposed to an environment where nothing is clean and fresh. The air is filthy and even the food we eat is contaminated. All of this goes into our body and the results are that we get sick and have to take medicines for everything. In countries where pollution is at the highest level, people do not have clean drinking water. They suffer every day because they have to travel thousands of miles just to get one bucket of drinking water. The climate change is effecting human life too because no one is prepared for the winters that may come or the storms that it brings with it.

Effects of Pollution on Animals and Plants

Animals and plants suffer as much as humans do when we talk about pollution. Plants are damaged because of the contaminated soil and water and they do not have the ability to bear fruits anymore. The flowers all die and the greenery is being killed because of pollution. Similarly, animals do not find clean drinking water and eventually the chemicals take over their body and they die. Bees are facing extinction because of pollution and pollination has become difficult and difficult. If any one species of animals is wiped clean from the Earth, we all will suffer greatly.

It is high time we start acting responsible and start doing something about this issue faced by our generation. If we cannot come up with manageable solutions, we all will suffer even more than what we are going through right now.

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