Environmental Pollution, its Causes, Effect and Solutions

Environmental Pollution, its Causes, Effect and Solutions

Environmental pollution is a name given to the contamination of the air, land, and water. In fact it includes the contamination of all the resources of the Earth. Our environment is made up of different elements that help us to live. Living things suffer because of environmental pollution and it makes their life very difficult. They cannot cope up with this issue at the level it is growing at. Environmental pollution can become the number one reason of the destruction of this Earth and life as we know it. We need to think of ways to counter it before it makes it turns into something impossible.

Causes of Environmental Pollution

Pollution is increased because of all the gases and chemicals that are released in the air, land or water. The industries that help us to produce goods and products that we need in our everyday life are the ones that ultimately add most to pollution. The chemicals disposed of from these industries go into the air and destroy the atmosphere. Hence the air that we breathe is contaminated. The vehicles on our roads are also a major contributor to air pollution. Greenhouse gases are added to the environment because of this. The increase in the use of private vehicles is also adding to this issue. The power plants use fossil fuels which when burned emit gases such as Carbon monoxide and carbon di oxide. These gases cause damage to the lungs and to the heart. Cutting down trees has also added to pollution and is a major cause of this growing issue. The ozone layer around the Earth has become depleted because of the pollution and this has added to the increased temperature on Earth. Because of the increase in temperature, animals and humans suffer and our bodies are getting damaged day by day. The nuclear industries are also adding to environmental pollution by leaking radiation into the Earth’s atmosphere. Perhaps the highest cause of pollution is us, humans. We are not stopping ourselves from spreading pollution but are adding to the calamities that are resulting because of this.

Effects of Environmental Pollution

The effects of pollution include an increase in the temperature around the globe. The climate suffers the most as it is directly related to the atmosphere, the ozone layer, and the air around us. In different areas in the world, the temperature is affected in different ways. In the arctic, the temperatures are dropping quickly but the summers are getting warmer. The long winter nights are coming to an end while below the equator the summers have become unbearable. Another major effect of pollution is the increase in pollen. Many people around the world are allergic to pollen and get very sick because of it. Because it has increased so much in the past several years, it has become a real problem. Many new diseases have also emerged as a result of environmental pollution. And the worst part is that there is no cure for them right now. Doctors are investigating this issue but every experiment has been a fail. Cancer has also widely spread as a result of this pollution. Even kids are getting skin cancer. The effects of pollution are very harmful and any sane person can notice them. The issue further intensifies when we cannot find a solution to the problem. Pollution and its effects should be studied in more detail to get the real answers.

Solutions of Environmental Pollution

Before we move on to discuss the solutions, we need to identify that pollution is a real and growing problem. Only when we understand it, can we look for appropriate solutions. The first solution is to do something about the vehicles and the public transport used all over the world. Vehicles need to be converted into electric ones which do not emit gases and chemicals when they are used. The public transport in many areas is very bad and the condition of the buses etc. is making the pollution problem worse. New technology should be installed in these so that the end result is not as damaging. Laws should be passed which limit the use of private vehicles and encourages the use of cycles and public transport. Using solar power is the second solution to counter the environmental pollution problem. Solar power has no consequences and does not add to the pollution. It is a renewable form of energy that can be used all over the world. Countries which have experimented with this technology should help other countries to use it effectively. Many of the industrial issues can be solved if they install solar panels. We can use the sun’s rays for our benefit if we think and work smartly. Wind energy is also a good replacement. It is also renewable and is as good at producing power as any other resource. Perhaps the best solution to the problem of pollution will come when we all come together and unite against it. We can never find peace again until we know we are all willing to help each other. Countries which do not have the resources to defend themselves must be looked at by the rich ones.

Pollution is a problem that was not recognized long ago. Now that it is, we need to answer the difficult questions and we need to understand that if we do nothing about it, we will suffer. The human race will not be able to survive on its own. Environmental pollution is our greatest enemy at the moment and it will only get worse with time. We have recognized the causes, effects and the solutions. Now we must implement them in our everyday life and reach a desirable conclusion.


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