Environmental Pollution

Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution refers to all aspects of pollution that affect the environment. The environment includes the air we breathe, the land where we live in, the water we drink and even the living and non-living things we interact with. Environmental pollution is making it very difficult for humans to live in peace and lead healthy lives. Proper measures need to be taken to control this issue so that the future generations have a chance of living a good, healthy life. Many people have started to recognize this issue but still, more work needs to be done to counter the effects of environmental pollution.

Different types of pollution

The three major types of pollution that come under environmental pollution are water pollution, air pollution and land pollution. Water pollution is the pollution done in the water bodies. This mostly includes the water that we use for drinking. Drinking water is getting scarce day by day as the increase in chemicals in the water is making it poisonous. The solution to counter the effects of the chemicals are not explored in much detail which is why people are suffering from cholera, and other such diseases which are killing them. Air pollution is a widely spreading form of pollution that is perhaps the most difficult to evade. Air is everywhere and if there is pollution in one area, it is most likely to spread quickly to another because of the air movements. We all need to breathe and this makes it very difficult to stop ourselves from being exposed to air pollution. Air pollution is also the leading cause of skin and lung diseases including cancer. Treatments of such diseases have not been found yet making it a huge concern for the future of the human race. Land pollution is something that can be controlled and stopped if all the people unite against it. Land pollution occurs when the rubbish and litter etc. are disposed of in green areas and are just kept there. These waste materials do not decompose on their own and have to be treated properly. Over the years, people have added to this type of pollution by ignoring recycling laws and turning every piece of land into a waste dump. Special precautions should be taken against this type of pollution because it will affect the living conditions of both humans and animals. This waste material can cause harm to the health of kids who play in such areas.

Causes of Pollution

The sources of environmental pollution can be divided into various parts. Industrial activities take a lead in adding to the pollution problem. The smoke, chemicals and industrial gases that come out of these huge factories affect the environment in every harmful way. The waste is thrown on land or seeped into water bodies. For the industries, this is a way of disposing off the waste but in reality this is just getting rid of the waste and not treating it properly. Another source of environmental pollution is the solid waste that comes out of our houses and the industries. Solid waste is also not disposed of properly. People think that just throwing this waste around their neighborhood is just alright but in reality it is not. Vehicles are also releasing a lot of gases which are called greenhouse gases. These gases go in the air and destroy the ozone layer which is an important part of our atmosphere. Combustion of fossil fuels for keeping our houses warm and for working in industries is also very harmful for the environment. Fossil fuels are the worst type of fuel and should be banned from use.

Impact of pollution

Pollution has affected the health and the lives of humans, animals, and plants in the worst way possible. The advances we have made in the field of science and technology have been for nothing because they have led to the increase in pollution. The water we drink is mostly contaminated and this is the same water used in agriculture to grow vegetables. Hence the food we are eating is also not good for our health. The rapid increase in the diseases and illnesses in kids, youngsters and adults is all because of pollution.

If we truly want to stop environmental pollution from increasing and from making our world even worse than how it is right now, we all must work together and look for simple solutions. This is not a task to be left for the higher authorities. We must become the change.

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