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Pollution is a growing problem not just in one society, but all over the world. It has started affecting individual’s health and putting them at a greater risk of catching diseases which are not easily curable. We could have done so much to control this pollution problem before it became such a big threat to our Earth but alas we did not and today we suffer. However, it is still not too late to stop the spread of pollution and to educate people so that they become more aware. People need to understand that this issue cannot be taken lightly.

Toxic emissions due to the work of factories, transportation, construction sites pollute the environment substantially.

With the increase in population and the advent of industrialization, there has been a rapid increase in factories which produce the goods and products we need to survive. These factories emit smoke and huge amount of greenhouse gases which destroy the atmosphere. Similarly, transportation has greatly added to this issue as well because vehicles emit carbon monoxide which is the worst pollutant. It increases the risk of heart attack in individuals and destroys any natural vegetation. The construction sites which make use of heavy machinery are another cause of polluting the environment substantially and making it difficult to breathe.

Pollution problems including the global warming effect, natural resources extinction, health problems of people and animals, the destruction of natural ecosystems.

While pollution in itself is one big problem, there are many other problems which are caused because of this. We often look at the big picture only and ignore the little things that are damaging the everyday life of human, animals, and plants.

Global Warming EssayGlobal warming is the first and foremost issue that has been caused because of pollution. Who knew that when you painted your room, you actually added to the destruction of the ozone layer, which in turn is making our world too hot to live in? The rays of the sun entering the Earth’s atmosphere cause cancer and other such deadly viruses.

Another problem is the natural resources extinction. We have used up all our natural resources in trying to fuel the fires that burn in our factories and using up the natural gas which keeps our homes warm, that we now have nothing left. This has destroyed the natural ecosystems and made everything unbalanced.

The health problems of people and animals are such that cannot be explained in just a few lines. The diseases that we had not even heard of are now killing us because of pollution. It has been researched that pollution kills 60% more people than malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis combined. This figure shows how much greater the pollution problem is than what we first anticipated.

Five (5) Causes of Pollution

  1. Industrial and Technological Development:
    The industrial process is a vast process that needs to be understood properly. It is not just one component of this process that is adding to the pollution problem. The whole process is damaging the Earth and the beings that live in it. The technological developments have changed the lives of the people, which is true. But they have also harmed us in many other ways which we do not think about. The use of fast machines has damaged the environment.
  2. Transportation:
    The engines used in vehicles are machines which emit the worst form of greenhouses gases and other deadly chemicals which are damaging the environment. With time, people have recognized that walking, or using cycles is a much better alternative to using vehicles to travel. Keeping your engine clean and making sure it does not emit black soot, is another way of controlling pollution.
  3. Agricultural Activities:
    Agricultural activities have been happening for hundreds of years. The generations before us all farmed the land to grow food which they could use later. Hence we cannot stop agriculture. However, over time, the studies have shown that the new agricultural activities are adding to the pollution problem.The new machines used to farm the land are not environmental friendly.The pesticides used to increase the yield of the products are killing the soil and all its nutrients. Water is polluted by these pesticides and the fertilizers used in agriculture contain chemicals which dissolve in water. When this water is consumed by the people and the animals, they get sick. There needs to be a proper system which can save drinking water and the soil from the harm of these chemicals. Nothing is more important than the health of our future generation.
  4. Trading Activities:
    The goods we trade with other countries, need to be checked very carefully too. How we trade these goods and products is a whole different topic that must be studied in detail in order to find out why trading activities is adding to the problem of pollution. Trading laws must be redefined and the countries who are leading trades, need to keep a check on the policies.
  5. Residences of People:
    Perhaps the leading cause of pollution is us, the people who inhabit Earth. Our residencies emit the most greenhouse gases and our houses, when being built, are the leading cause of destruction of the environment. The food we cook and the amount of fuel we burn should be noted because every year we should reflect on this. While house construction, use the products which are environmental friendly and which do not harm the air.

Does air pollution is one of the contributors to the global warming?

Air pollution is a leading cause of global warming because both the things are interlinked. When the gases go to the air, they are further carried to the atmosphere and they damage the ozone layer. The damaged ozone layer cannot protect us from the hot rays of the sun leading to global warming.

The identification of the causes of pollution will help us to find solutions to counter this problem. It is high time we start taking this issue seriously and we start doing something for our planet. Governments and the people, all must unite to take a stand against pollution and help each other to solve this issue. If we do not do anything now, we will go extinct in less than a hundred years.

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