Types of Pollution – Sample Essay

What is Pollution? & Its Types

Pollution is a term used to describe the poisonous or harmful substances that enter the environment and cause damage to the environment and the living things that live in the environment. Pollution is a serious concern which has been affecting the lives of people all over the world. It is a gradual process which is why many people did not understand the consequences of pollution. We first need to understand the type of pollution and problem before moving on to finding the solutions. The causes of pollution are explained below in detail.

Causes of Air Pollution

industrial air pollutionAir pollution is the pollution caused in the air which makes it difficult to breathe. Air pollution is the fastest growing pollution because of the factories and the transportation. The harmful gases released from these places and products, go in the air and mix with oxygen. These gases are very difficult to neutralize in the air so once they are released, there is not much you can do. They need to be controlled before they enter the atmosphere. When these gases go further up, they destroy the ozone layer. The ozone layer is a protective layer which blocks the harmful rays of the sun. There is a big hole in the ozone layer now because of pollution.

Causes of Noise Pollution

Noise is also a form of pollution which disrupts the balance of human and animal life. Noise pollution damages the hearing process of people. This type of pollution is not given much importance because it is very common in our everyday lives. A cars honk, a machines drilling, and loud arguments which result in shouting, are all forms of noise pollution. If we succeed in controlling noise pollution, we can improve our lives and make it easier for us to live peacefully.

Health Issues of Air Pollution

Health problems of air pollution include breathing difficulties and increase in Asthma in kids. Many kids suffer because of these issues now and it is very difficult for them to lead a normal life. They cannot play or run around and are forced to sit all day long. This eventually leads to obesity. Air pollution has also caused a lot of skin damages to people. The contact with polluted air causes your skin to become dry and the pores to remain dirty all the time. There has been an increase in skin cancer over the past several decades because air pollution has increased so much.

Water Pollution

chemical wastage from industriesWater pollution is another form of pollution that is caused when water is contaminated with substances and chemicals that dissolve in it and hence cannot be separated. Water pollution is a very dangerous form of pollution because clean drinking water is absolutely necessary for life. There is no way we can survive without water. When drinking water becomes polluted, we are actually just drinking a form of poison because it becomes very dangerous for our health. Industrial sectors have caused a major increase in this pollution. They have no proper means of disposing off this waste and just let the waste chemicals go into the soil and water. Residential waste is also a major factor which has led to the increase of water pollution. A proper sewage system is needed to control water pollution and prevent it from causing further damage.

Health Problems of Water Pollution

home and domestic garbagesThere are many health problems which are caused because of water pollution. The leading diseases are Cholera and Typhoid. In areas where there is no clean water, people are forced to drink polluted water. They get sick immediately and very rarely, do they ever feel fine. They have to take medicines throughout their life. Typhoid is also a major cause of deaths in countries where there are no medical advances to counter water borne diseases. Domestic sewage is also very dangerous for health and causes problems. Domestic sewage should be disposed of properly and it should be contained in a place. Increase in domestic sewage and there being no proper way to dispose it off, has caused the lives of hundreds of people to be destroyed.

Understanding the main factors and causes of pollution is essential in order to tackle this problem. Individuals who do not take this matter seriously, are destroying the world not only for themselves but for others who live in it. We need to come up with better solutions that solve this issue now rather than later. It is still not too late to save our future generations from obvious destruction.

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