Seven Type of Environmental Pollution

Seven Type of Environmental Pollution

Pollution is a problem that has gained a lot of attention from the public since the past few years. It has grown and become an issue that needs to be solved now rather than later to make sure we leave a world that our future generation can live in. The health problems which are caused by pollution are very dangerous and need to be addressed. Before all this however, you need to understand the seven types of environmental pollution that are threatening the living things.

Air Pollution

Air pollution is the release of greenhouse gases and other chemicals into the air. It is very harmful for all living things because we breathe in this air all the time. Air pollution is the leading cause of asthma and lung diseases and kids suffer from them. Air pollution is caused by the smoke of factories and industries and the gases emitted from vehicles. Industrial smoke is the biggest contributor of this type of pollution.

Land Pollution

Land pollution is caused when the Earth’s surface is littered with rubbish and other waste materials. People do not dispose of their house waste properly and industries just dump the waste materials everywhere. These both things are the biggest contributors to land pollution making it very difficult for the living things to survive and to live on land. Land pollution causes immeasurable harm to the wildlife as well. Deforestation is also a major part of land pollution and is one of the leading causes of floods and other such natural disasters.

Light Pollution

Light pollution is not a very popular form of pollution. It is caused by the street lights and the light emitted from our homes at night. Light pollution makes the night sky brighter and hence we cannot look at the stars clearly. This is making the natural wonders of the world look ordinary which is destroying the beauty of our world. Light pollution should be controlled by installing proper bulbs in the street and making use of electricity only when there is need for it.

Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is caused by the loud sounds in our environment. Noise pollution is not taken very seriously and that is why it is such a growing concern. People do not realize the importance of a peaceful society. Noise pollution is caused by the heavy machinery used in construction and also by the car horns. Noise pollution damages the hearing of humans and animals and also causes much worse problems in the brain. It is a very serious problem that must be addressed immediately so it can be controlled.

Thermal Pollution

Thermal pollution is a form of environmental pollution where the temperature of the Earth is increased and this causes problems for all the living things. Thermal pollution is caused by dumping hot water in cool lakes. This damages the lakes and then the water cannot be cooled down. Use of chemicals in construction also causes the increase of temperature in nearby areas. Thermal pollution is very dangerous for humans who live in such areas. It can cause severe skin problems.

Visual Pollution

Visual pollution is a very highly subjective topic because it includes unpleasant things which we can see. What might be unpleasant for one person might not be bad for another person. However some of the common things which add to visual pollution are the rubbish on the sidewalks thrown by people. Graffiti done on trees and other natural things is also a major cause of visual pollution. Nature needs to be preserved and not to be destroyed by us.

Water Pollution

Water pollution is the contamination of any water body. This includes the bodies that we use for getting drinking water and also the ones which we use for other purposes. Water is the one thing that all living things need. It is necessary for survival and this is why water pollution is both dangerous and a very scary issue. It needs to be addressed immediately so that a solution can be reached to counter it. Water pollution is caused by industrial and residential waste which is not disposed of properly.

These seven types of pollution are all dangerous and they all affect us equally. We need to put our differences aside and we need to address this issue of environmental pollution. Environmental pollution might turn into the leading cause of death and destruction of our beautiful Earth. If we do not do something about it now, it might be too late.



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